The Appointments Council is responsible for appointing the CPA Australia Board of Directors and comprises a representative from each of the 13 Divisional Councils. The Independent Review Panel recommended the establishment of The Appointments Council in its Final report of November 2017. This along with other governance changes were passed by members at the May 2018 AGM to implement a more robust process for appointing individual directors to the CPA Australia Board.

The Appointments Council works with the Board and the Nomination Committee to determine the mix of skills required on the Board and identify candidates of suitable professional standing. In doing so they consider the mix of complementary skill-sets and experience of the existing Board members and assess any specialist skills or knowledge possessed by departing directors.

Appointment Process

  • The Nomination Committee engages an external executive recruitment firm.
  • A call for nominations is made via CPA Australia channels, CPA Update and INTHEBLACK, as well as national and international media outlets in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.
  • Applications are assessed and interviews are conducted by the executive recruitment firm and the Nomination Committee, who present the Appointments Council with a recommended short-list of candidates.

The Appointments Council are consulted at each stage of the process. They can provide input on candidates to be shortlisted for second round interviews and have the right to consider any candidate who meets the mandatory requirements.

The procedures, deliberations and meetings of the Appointments Council are strictly confidential.

The Chair of the Appointments Council is the President and Chair of the Board of CPA Australia Ltd. The President does not have the right to vote.

In the Chair’s absence the Deputy Chair of the Appointments Council acts as the Chair. The Deputy Chair has the casting vote in the event of an equality of votes. The Appointor has the casting vote in the absence of the Deputy Chair.

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The current members are listed below:

Merran Kelsall FCPA – President and Chair Sarah Lawrance CPA (New South Wales)
Mark Narustrang FCPA (Western Australia) – Deputy Chair Angus Ogilvie FCPA (New Zealand)
Melissa Georgiou FCPA (Queensland) – Appointor Catherine Riney FCPA (Europe)
Chng Lay Chew FCPA (Singapore) Surin Segar FCPA (Malaysia)
Paul Gimpl FCPA (Tasmania) Ross Springolo FCPA (Northern Territory)
Anne La Fontaine FCPA (Victoria) Karen Williams FCPA (Australian Capital Territory)
Anthony Lau FCPA (Greater China) Jodi Wright CPA (South Australia)

Appointments Council Charter

Read the Appointments Council Charter (PDF)

Watch Piotr Jakubicki FCPA explain the CPA Australia Appointments Council.


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