New Zealand has a number of committees involved in advancing members’ interests in particular fields or locations through internal and external advocacy. Each committee provides a platform for member engagement and knowledge sharing.

Christchurch Committee


Chair Prue McStay CPA (Aust.)
Members Andrew Howe CPA (Aust.)
Kris Alexander CPA (Aust.)
Sarah Andrew CPA (Aust.)
Carol Cheong FCPA (Aust.)
Arlee Folkers FCPA (Aust.)
Helen Fortune CPA (Aust.)
Emily Marriott CPA (Aust.)
Marisca Mackenzie CPA (Aust.)

Not for Profit Committee


Chair Brent Kennerley FCPA (Aust.)
Members John Gill FCPA (Aust.)
Vanessa Black CPA (Aust.)
Shane Palipane CPA (Aust.)
Ian Olan FCPA (Aust.)
Claudia Xian CPA (Aust.)

Public Practice Committee


Chair Marion Garlick CPA (Aust.)
Members Brad Golchin FCPA (Aust.)
Gina Brighouse CPA (Aust.)
Tadius Munapeyi CPA (Aust.)
Prue McStay CPA (Aust.)
Philip du Preez CPA (Aust.)
Daniel Soeteman CPA (Aust.)
Gareth Yaxley CPA (Aust.)
Jatin Patel CPA (Aust.)
Matt Vincent CPA (Aust.)
Angus Ogilvie FCPA (Aust.)

Wellington Committee


Chair Dean Cottam CPA (Aust.)
Members John Gill FCPA (Aust.)
Brent Kennerley FCPA (Aust.)
Jason Tualima ASA (Aust.)
Carolyn Fowler CPA (Aust.)
Zareen Ismail CPA (Aust.)
Brendan Ralph CPA (Aust.)
Rocco Chandra CPA (Aust.)
Mark Saunders CPA (Aust.)
Andries Wolmarans CPA (Aust.)

Women in Business Committee


Chair Gillian Craig CPA (Aust.)
Members Emily Hewat CPA (Aust.)
Liz Plowman CPA (Aust.)
Tracy Hickman FCPA (Aust.)

Young Professionals Committee


Chair Nalisha Sen CPA (Aust.)
Members Vishal Bhula CPA (Aust.)
Raneel Chand CPA (Aust.)
Shivani Chandra ASA (Aust.)
Monica Djulaini ASA (Aust.)
Rachel Foster CPA (Aust.)
Lareina Liu CPA (Aust.)
Jordan Pearson ASA (Aust.)
Maureel Quina ASA (Aust.)
Ray Smith CPA (Aust.)
Audrey Wang ASA (Aust.)
Daniel Wang CPA (Aust.)
Joshua Wood ASA (Aust.)


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P: +64 9 913 7450
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