Information for members

Some Divisional Councillors are eligible to re-nominate for a further three-year term.


Members holding the status of CPA or FCPA are entitled to nominate for election and vote in their local Divisional Council elections.

Associate members, honorary members, members under suspension, and members with outstanding fees, fines or other amounts payable to CPA Australia that are more than three months overdue are not entitled to stand for election or to vote.

Information for potential candidates

Divisional Councillors are elected for a three-year term from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023 and may be re-elected for one further three-year term.

Divisional Councillors are volunteers and commit time and effort without remuneration for the benefit of CPA Australia and its members, to the accounting profession and the wider community.

Councillors are expected to attend regular Divisional Council meetings (monthly or bi-monthly) and participate in and lead regular engagement activity between council meetings. This could include meeting with committees and discussion groups, attending events and networking activities, and representing CPA Australia in various external forums. Attendance at certain activities could count towards councillors’ CPD obligations.

Commitment requirement for candidates

All Divisional Councillors must agree to the Volunteer Code of Conduct, declare conflicts of interest as they arise and adhere to the CPA Australia Privacy Policy. Further administrative requirements are covered in the Divisional Council Handbook which is updated annually. Copies of these documents can be obtained by contacting the local Returning Officer.

Conduct of elections and voting by members

Elections are conducted in accordance with Part 6 (Election Procedure) of CPA Australia’s By-Laws.

Where the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot will be held. Divisional Council elections are conducted on behalf of CPA Australia by the independent online polling firm BigPulse.

Instructions on how to lodge a valid vote will be provided with the voting information in accordance with Part 6 of the By-Laws, the ballot will be conducted as optional-preferential.

Election Results

Results of the 2020 Divisional Council elections for councillors to commence on 1 January 2021 will be announced in October in the local editions of CPA Update, local divisional newsletters and on the CPA Australia website.

Returning Officers

Local Divisional General Managers, Country Heads, and Regional Heads are Returning Officers for the ballots conducted in their respective Divisional Council.