To support this goal, there are four initiatives. Explore CPA Australia's progress on each of these below.  

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Complimentary CPD

Members have told us they want access to more affordable CPD. In April we introduced 28.5 hours of complimentary CPD for members on top of existing complimentary CPD options. All complimentary CPD options have been collated on a dedicated page, which includes a variety of learning experiences that enables members to fulfil all CPD requirements.

CPD pricing

For 2019, we are introducing a new streamlined pricing structure for CPD products. This will see reductions in price for members across a wide range of learning resources. More details will be announced shortly.

Complimentary and Discounted CPD Offer

In April 2020 CPA Australia released a CPD package providing members with access to online courses with 1 CPD hour and selected live webinars at no cost, plus a range of selected courses worth more than 1 CPD hour that are reduced by 50 per cent.

Digital Finance Micro-credential offer

In August 2020 CPA Australia introduced the first of our micro-credential courses. These short-form courses focus on areas of growing importance to the profession and enable members to develop new areas of knowledge.

They are offered to fully qualified members as CPD.

The full suite of six digital finance micro-credentials course is now available.

  • The Digital Finance Ecosystem
  • Data Interpretation and Visualisation.
  • Future of Money
  • Data Analytics
  • Technology and its use in Finance
  • Risk Management, Governance and Regulation

Illustration of office desk with laptop and micro-credential certificate on the wall

Leadership Micro-credentials

Three stand-alone assessment online micro-credential courses on leadership available in Q1, 2021.

  • Leading People and Performance
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Business Management Professional

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A digital tool to assist public practitioners prepare a compliance manual (risk management framework (RMF)) for their business was launched 29 March 2019. The tool guides CPAs working in public practice through the process to ensure compliance with APES 325 Risk Management for Firms.

Quality Review Program

A digital solution for the quality review program, Phase 1 launched 18 March 2019. Public practitioners selected for review in second half of 2019 can complete their Member Profile Statement online, replacing paper process, saving time and reducing costs. Phase 2, which incorporates additional functionality will be introduced for first round of reviews in 2020.

Quality Control manual tool

Developed online tool to assist public practitioners develop a custom quality control manual for their practice to comply with APES320 – Quality Control for Firms

Regulatory Burden

The three major Australian professional accounting bodies in Australia – CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) – have come together to review the frameworks that regulate how financial and tax advice is provided in Australia and advocate for change.

CPA Australia, CA ANZ and IPA have released a video in which the CEOs of the three bodies call for more efficient regulatory frameworks for advisory services and pledge to work together in advocating for change.

Members are invited to share their experiences to help inform and support for the roadmap to regulatory reform by emailing [email protected]

This follows publication of CPA Australia’s Regulatory Burden Report that was based on member research about the regulatory complexity for public practitioners providing independent advice to consumers. View the Regulatory Burden page on our website. Read the Media Release

My Firm. My Future

CPA Australia’s My Firm My Future Report 2019 released in November 2019 offers in-depth analysis of the changing public accounting landscape. Drawing on insights from over 500 public practitioners and 1,000 consumers and SMEs, it explores the factors reshaping the accounting profession and presents four key themes that will help members build a sustainable firm for the future: Leverage Technology, Incorporate Advisory, Look to Specialise and Do better Business. 

My Firm. My Future also incorporates is a new e-learning series of practical resources designed to help public practitioners build a sustainable business. The first two complimentary modules are now available: Module 1 - Engaging Clients -– covers the tools and strategies to turn clients into advocates, and Module 2 - Segmenting Your Client Base – looks at how to establish a successful client relationship management process and create a growth strategy.

Additional My Firm. My Future. workshops and webinars developed to help CPA Australia members in practice prepare for the future and build a sustainable practice. A series of e-learning modules focus on areas to support members during the COVID-19 period: Business Exit Strategy, Wellbeing, Productive Work Environment, Motivating Your Workforce, Leading Change, Change Management, Engaging Clients, Segmenting your Client Base, Risk management and Effective Delegation.

The practical guides to help members develop and embed the key themes from the My Firm. My Future materials. Guides on ‘Do Better Business’, ‘Leveraging Technology’, Incorporating Advisory’ and ‘Looking to Specialise’ were released in September 2020.


INPRACTICE, CPA Australia’s monthly resource for public practitioners, has a new look, new content and a new home. There is more technical content and practical insights and it can be accessed via the public practice portal toolkit on the CPA Australia website.

New Public Practice Pathway

In January 2020 CPA Australia launched a new Public Practice Program that provides a more flexible, personalised and practical pathway to help members set their public practice business up for success. The new program consists of an e-Learning program and workshop.

CPA Australia Value of Advice Report

CPA Australia’s Value of Advice Report released on 25 November 2020 advocates for regulatory reform by measuring the value of advice to consumers, small business and the community. The research finds that if more people use professional advice, we will be better off as individuals, businesses and as a society.

PII Portal

We delivered an intuitive and easy to use Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Portal, allowing members to provide their insurance and claims data more efficiently.

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Pilot program

A pilot CPA Australia mentoring program has been developed, consisting of two programs: one for members in early-career and one for members in mid-career stage. The program launched in March 2019 with 60 pairs of mentor/mentees and will be supported by an online platform, with a blend of face-to-face opportunities in selected locations. Learnings from the pilot will inform a wider roll-out of the program.

The mentoring program has been expanded in 2020 to take in 414 pairs of members across Australia and New Zealand in two streams: early career and mid-career.

The mentoring program continues across Australia and New Zealand in 2021. Two pilot programs will be established in 2021: the public practice pilot and the international pilot.

The public practice pilot will pair public practitioners working in similar industries to help build stronger connections.

The international pilot program will match pairs of members from a range of international locations including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

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Work on this initiative will follow on from the findings of the member journey mapping project – refer to Goal 3.1.

The Member Journey Mapping project (refer 3.1) has resulted in a number of projects to provide value for members at different stages of their career:
My Career Navigator – refer 2.2
Mentoring program – refer 4.3 
My Firm My Future – refer 4.2



  • Accounting for COVID-19

    Gain exclusive insights from experiences and case stories on how finance teams and leaders are navigating the complexities of a COVID-19 impacted world.

  • Accounting for Sustainability

    Lead your teams through the risk and opportunities associated with delivering financial returns while successfully navigating a sustainable business, generating positive value for society and operating within environmental constraints.

  • Governance and Risk

    Understand emerging trends and current regulatory and risk management framework, equip yourself with tools to assess your business, develop a response strategy and position your organisation well into the future.

  • Innovation and Finance Transformation

    Keep abreast with the nimble innovation landscape, hear from global finance leaders on opportunities and challenges of business transformation and evolution.

  • Personal Development

    Identify and develop your talents, realise your full potential to become a coveted professional and a well-rounded individual.

  • Strategy and Change Leadership

    Develop agile finance leadership skills to drive strategic change and successfully manage high performance teams while fostering healthy workplace culture.

  • Trust, Ethics and Resilience

    Recognised as amongst the top-most desired traits of a high-performance leader, learn how to practice and ultimately weave these qualities in your team’s cultural fabric.