To support this goal, there are four initiatives. View CPA Australia's progress on each of these below. 

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Member journey mapping

This is a significant piece of research that will underpin CPA Australia's work to improve value and service to members at each stage of the membership journey. Focus groups, fieldwork research and qualitative surveys have been completed for members in Australia.

Fieldwork research commenced in China and Malaysia in February-March 2019. 

Member experience audit 

This project will assess the current state of the member service experience, including member interaction channels, customer service delivery models, evaluation frameworks and related systems and technology. It will deliver valuable recommendations on how CPA Australia can improve value to members through technology and service.

Social media audit

The purpose of the audit is to produce a report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the existing social media strategy, and to help inform the development of a more refined strategy that allows for two-way communication with members.

Live webchat

CPA Australia introduced live webchat in September 2020 to enhance its service options. Webchat can be accessed through the homepage of the website - click on the ‘Live Chat’ button to communicate directly with our Melbourne Contact Centre.

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CPA Program Enrolments

CPA Australia has invested significantly in technology to improve the enrolment experience for Associate members. The priority is to eliminate outages and minimise delays for members. 

The November enrolment period saw no outages. Overall, members reported a quick and seamless enrolment experience. There were close to 5000 successful enrolments on day one and the average enrolment time per unit was just 30 seconds. The project was delivered on time and to budget.

A renewed focus on content to reflect member interests has resulted in an increase of 100,000 visits to in December 2018 compared to December 2017.

This focus has continued through 2019 with more stories featuring CPA Australia members
- 177 to end of September
Most popular topics
- Superannuation
- Workplace
- Excel
- Accounting
- Careers
Most popular articles
- How much Super do you need – 52,000 page views
- The fear of rejection at work
- Outrageous tax claims
10,000 subscribers opt-in to intheblack email.
- 36% increase in traffic to the from external sites.
- 2,020 audio articles downloaded since launch in June

Event management system

A new event management system provides a streamlined process for members booking to attend events. The self-serve system enables members to register for events, provide payment, change sessions, and cancel and arrange a refund.

New Learning and Development offers released in May:
- Harvard Manage Mentor ‘Crisis Management’ and the
- Tax Banter ‘Stimulus Package Update’ webinar

Website Development

The website is a critical touchpoint for members. We are working to deliver a new website that will provide a more personalised experience for users.

A strategy has been developed with input from a range of stakeholders, including member groups. A user-led approach prioritises the voice of the member and enables advanced functionality with personalised portals for different types of users.

We are currently working on a detailed design for the build and implementation phase. First release is scheduled for May 2021.

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Member engagement initiatives

Communication protocols have been put in place to support email communication from Divisional Presidents to members in that Division. Additional work is being done to establish new digital channels for members in each Division to communicate and connect with each other as part of a professional network.

In November 2018, Division and Branch Councils shared member engagement initiatives and put forward recommendations for potential improvements.

In December 2018, Councils are developing member engagement plans to be submitted to the Member Engagement Committee. These will inform recommendations on changes to the overall strategy for member engagement and help build an appropriate evaluation framework.

Local member events
CPA Australia’s offices host regular member events throughout the year in which industry specialists present on topics that are relevant to members in the local area, the profession as a whole or particular accounting and finance disciplines. Some of the events held in 2019 include:

Ho Chi Minh City

  • Consumer Finance – a digital perspective – examining the transition to the era of digital payments in Vietnam.
  • Tax Update for members: CPD event focusing on latest tax laws and legislations.
  • Trends in leadership – a CPD event that looked at cross-cultural dimension of effective leadership and the terminology of leadership, entrepreneurship and organisational structures.


  • Risk and opportunity on investor relations – breakfast dialogue in conjunction with Monash University Indonesia Representative Office.


  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the accounting and auditing profession.


  • Associate member welcome event – a reception to engage Associate members in their career journey.
  • Digital Economy: Opportunities and Challenges for Management. Looked at the rise of digital economy and the impact on government policies, taxation, risk management and the social structure.


  • Talk on Fintech and the Future of Finance focusing on how Fintech is transforming the industry and broader economy, and changing the way companies do business and people work.
  • Growing a Fintech Company – explored evolution of Fintech and analysis of regulatory sandboxes and innovation hubs.
  • A women in leadership event in where members heard from inspirational women and discussed what it takes to become a leader in a male dominated industry.


  • Business in the Boardroom event in Burnie attended by members and the local business community. The lunch focused on the economic opportunities for the region and the value of developing relationships with the local network of CPA Australia members September.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting face-to-face events in 2020, events are being conducted via webinars and livestream.

CPA Member Connect

CPA Australia launched a new Member Engagement Platform CPA Member Connect on 15 September 2020.

CPA Member Connect is an online communication channel that provides members with a way to connect with each other in a professional network. It complements existing social media channels and enables members to connect with their peers and other members in their local Division or industry sector, and to exchange ideas and benefit from each other’s experience.

CPA Member Connect on laptop screen

Virtual Certificate Presentation

A COVID-19 safe virtual certificate presentation was held in Queensland Division in semester 2, 2020. The event celebrated the achievements of members advancing from ASA to CPA status, CPA to FCPA status, and those achieving a significant membership milestone.


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Culture Workshops

CPA Australia employees have attended culture workshops designed to build a member-centric culture aligned to the strategy objectives.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)

CPA Australia has launched our inaugural Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Endorsed by Reconciliation Australia, the Reflect RAP formalises our commitment to reconciliation with Australia’s First Peoples.



  • Accounting for COVID-19

    Gain exclusive insights from experiences and case stories on how finance teams and leaders are navigating the complexities of a COVID-19 impacted world.

  • Accounting for Sustainability

    Lead your teams through the risk and opportunities associated with delivering financial returns while successfully navigating a sustainable business, generating positive value for society and operating within environmental constraints.

  • Governance and Risk

    Understand emerging trends and current regulatory and risk management framework, equip yourself with tools to assess your business, develop a response strategy and position your organisation well into the future.

  • Innovation and Finance Transformation

    Keep abreast with the nimble innovation landscape, hear from global finance leaders on opportunities and challenges of business transformation and evolution.

  • Personal Development

    Identify and develop your talents, realise your full potential to become a coveted professional and a well-rounded individual.

  • Strategy and Change Leadership

    Develop agile finance leadership skills to drive strategic change and successfully manage high performance teams while fostering healthy workplace culture.

  • Trust, Ethics and Resilience

    Recognised as amongst the top-most desired traits of a high-performance leader, learn how to practice and ultimately weave these qualities in your team’s cultural fabric.