CPA Australia has a global membership of 166,166 (as at December 2019) members in more than 100 countries around the world.

The figures provided reflect detailed demographic analysis based on our 31 December 2019 numbers. As CPA Australia’s financial year ends 31 December, we use this date as the point in time to report our membership numbers. This information is reflected in our annual report and all our communications until the next annual report is published. The use of year-end member numbers is consistent with our reporting over time and with our peer-group organisations.

Throughout the year, CPA Australia’s member numbers including the number of voting members changes on a daily basis. This is as a result of members enrolling, progressing through the program (that is, moving from an associate member to a full CPA member), resigning or passing away.

The other process that is relevant is the membership renewals cycle. In April, members who have not paid their subscription fee for the current year as of the end of March are struck off. Some members may subsequently re-join upon payment of the subscription fee.

This results in member numbers falling in April, before returning to, and then passing, the previous year-end statistics in the latter half of the year.

To ensure consistency and allow year on year comparisons, the membership snapshot is taken at the same point in time each year.

View the full demographic analysis (PDF).