Policy and framework

The CPA Australia Whistleblower Policy (PDF) supports the reporting of allegations of serious wrongdoing (“Reportable Conduct”) by CPA Australia, CPA Australia personnel or CPA Australia’s independent auditors.

If you are considering making a complaint, we strongly encourage you to review the Whistleblower Policy to ensure you understand your rights and obligations throughout any investigation process. The policy seeks to provide clarity on what constitutes Reportable Conduct, as well as the framework CPA Australia has established to manage and support the whistleblowing process.

How to make a report

If you wish to make a complaint, you can contact the independent whistleblower service – Your Call.

Your Call enables complaints to be made anonymously and confidentially. Whistleblowers are not required to identify themselves, but may choose to do so. You will not be named in any report to CPA Australia unless you have consented to your identity being disclosed.

Your Call can be contacted via the channels listed below. 



You will be required to enter the unique identifier code, CPA. You may upload any relevant documentation or material that you believe is relevant to your complaint.


[email protected]


Available 9.00am to 12.00 midnight (AEST), Monday to Friday, excluding Australian national public holidays.

Phone number

1800 940 379

Hong Kong

800 905 383


+62 212 789 9741

Mainland China

+61 039 895 0012


800 492 2390

New Zealand

0800 123 508


800 492 2390


0 800 046 5662


+61 039 895 0012


Locked Mail Bag 7777
Malvern VIC 3144

National Relay Service

If you live in Australia and have a hearing or speech impairment, Your Call can be contacted through the National Relay Service. Simply choose a contact method at www.relayservice.gov.au and request Your Call’s hotline, 1300 940 379.