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In what was a transformational year, 2020 brought CPA Australia members to the forefront of the response and the recovery effort. We’re proud of the role they’ve played in supporting businesses and their communities, and we’re pleased to have been able to leverage our strength, resources and initiatives to help build connections and support networks among members.

More than ever, 2020 showed us we’re stronger together. Here are just a few examples of how we provided, and continue to provide, a foundation of support for CPA Australia members and their success.

Community Initiatives

Hear from members Warren, Erica and Tyler about how CPA Member Connect benefits them.

CPA Member Connect

CPA Member Connect is an online community made up of the voices that shape our industry. It provides a direct line for members to connect with each other and build local and global networks in a private and secure environment. With almost 5,000 members now on the platform, CPA Member Connect is a place to find answers, recommendations and inspiration.

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"CPA Member Connect has grown my network by thousands. It's like having a professional library at my fingertips."

Erica Blythe FCPA

COVID-19 Resource Hub

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on businesses, many of whom are still feeling the effects. To support members through the pandemic, we developed a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to help navigate the challenges ahead and build towards a reimagined future. With a mix of podcasts, articles, factsheets, toolkits and templates, these resources focus on three stages – Respond, Recover and Re-evaluate.

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"In what has been an extraordinary year with COVID-19, CPA Australia was really one of the first to come out to support its members through a variety of resources, and that support was continuous. It didn't just stop after the first couple of months. It was continuous to ensure its members are well and fully supported in times of their greatest needs."

Jessie Wong, Partner, KPMG China

Watch Roadmap to Recovery, a tool developed to help members navigate these challenging times and determine the future of businesses.

Hear about the experience of Jacqueline Miao CPA, a mentee in the CPA Australia Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Program

In 2020, we connected 415 pairs of mentors and mentees across Australia and New Zealand as part of our CPA Australia Career Mentoring Program. These mentoring relationships are a powerful development experience for mentees, and can have personal and professional benefits for both parties.

For members in the early stages of their careers, the program – which continued virtually during periods of lockdown – connected them with experienced members for support and guidance. For these more-experienced members, it provided a platform for them to give back to the profession and help shape the next generation of business leaders.

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“The biggest reason that I continue to be a CPA Australia member is the continuing professional development. It's pertinent, it's relevant, it's timely.

Angus Ogilvie FCPA

Hear from members about why they continue to be part of CPA Australia’s global network.

2020 Snapshot


As the accounting profession evolves in step with a fast-changing digital landscape, our role to prepare members is more important than ever. Our Digital Finance micro-credentialed courses provide skills and knowledge to stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies. Micro-credentials are bite-sized chunks of learning that can be completed anywhere and anytime, with options to:

  • display achievements online with Digital Badges
  • choose subjects and a pace of study that suits the individual
  • be awarded by a globally recognised authority, CPA Australia
  • upskill in areas that are relevant to many careers.

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Hear from Piotr Jakubicki FCPA, Gillian Craig FCPA and Hacia Atherton CPA about how our Micro-credentials are flexible and relevant to them.

Hear from Piotr Jakubicki FCPA and Lay Keng Tan FPCA about their experiences with INTHEBLACK Digital Magazine


2020 also saw our flagship publication go digital as an interactive online magazine. Combining creative design with exciting new features, it allows readers to bookmark relevant content, share articles with colleagues or clients, click to extra resources like reports and other websites, and even download articles to read offline.

Our click-to-play feature also allows you to deep dive into a variety of topics, such as that of Sanchi Kariyawasam CPA, from our cover story in the October 2020 edition, through embedded video, without the need to click out of the magazine. This has been an important and exciting step in adopting a digital-first approach.

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"I would like to commend CPA Australia and the INTHEBLACK magazine for the flipbook digital transformation of their monthly magazine. I have always enjoyed the content of this magazine and now it has been taken to the next level with all the interactive features and vital interviews."

Hacia Atherton CPA

Professional Development – Member Value Offer

From April through to July 2020, all live webinars and online learning courses with a duration of 1 CPD hour were made complimentary to all members. During a time of uncertainty, this allowed them to continue their professional development and deliver for their clients.

Our extensive range of professional development comes in various learning modes, so members can enjoy flexible, life-long learning opportunities.

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Hear from Hacia Atherton CPA, Prof. Yew Kee Ho FCPA and Piotr Jakubicki FCPA, about their experiences with CPA Australia’s professional development opportunities.

A message from our CEO Andrew Hunter.

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