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Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants

The following steps demonstrate the pathway for Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants (IAI) members to become members of CPA Australia under the conditions of the current membership pathway agreement.


Step 1: Determine eligibility

If you are a full member of the IAI, you may be eligible for Associate membership of CPA Australia if you:

• are a member in good standing with IAI and not currently subject to any disciplinary sanctions or investigations and payment of fees

• did not gain entry through another MPA or any other mutual recognition arrangement with another professional body

• successfully completed the IAI Qualification 

• hold a university degree recognised by CPA Australia as being at least equivalent to Australian bachelor degree level. This will be determined during the verification of your application.

step 2: Complete application

Complete the online application and submit with the required documentation, including your application and membership fee. Ensure you nominate the Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants (IAI) as the professional body with whom you hold membership.


Your application and information supplied will take approximately 10 to 15 working days to verify. Upon completion, an email will be sent to you informing you of your assessment outcome.

Step 4: Advance to CPA status

Once you become an Associate member of CPA Australia via the membership pathway agreement, you must undertake and successfully complete the following subjects of the CPA Program:

• Strategic Management Accounting, as well as one of:
- Advanced Audit and Assurance or
- Contemporary Business Issues*

*You may only enrol in the Contemporary Business Issues subject if you have successfully completed recognised studies in Auditing at an undergraduate level or higher. Where you have not completed recognised studies in Auditing, you are required to complete Advanced Audit and Assurance as a compulsory subject within the CPA Program.

Upon successful completion of the two subjects, you will be advanced to CPA status. You will receive a CPA Australia certificate and will then be eligible to use the CPA designation.

Full members of the Institute of Indonesian Chartered Accountants (IAI) who meet the eligibility criteria, and have the Pre-Qualification Era Qualification, may gain direct entry to full CPA membership with CPA Australia under the conditions of the current membership pathway agreement, which are valid until 7 November 2023. This pathway will cease on 8 November 2023 when IAI members who have gained membership by holding the Pre-Qualification Era-Qualification who apply from this date will become Associate members and be required to complete the relevant CPA Program units under the conditions of the membership pathway agreement.

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