Once you have met all of your individual requirements to advance from an Associate member to a CPA, you will be notified of your new status via email. If you believe you’re eligible to advance to CPA status but have not received notification from CPA Australia, contact us

There are three requirements you need to satisfy in order to advance to CPA status: 

  1. You need to hold a degree-level qualification
    To become a CPA you must hold a degree-level qualification recognised by CPA Australia. You can check your initial membership application to see if you notified us about your degree status when you first became a member. If you didn’t, you can simply update your application with your degree completion evidence.

  2. You need to successfully complete the CPA Program education component
    Check to see if you have successfully completed all your required CPA Program subjects by logging into My CPA Program. For some members who joined via a Mutual Recognition Agreement, you may have additional CPD requirements to complete – contact us if you are unsure.

  3. You need to satisfy Your Experience requirement
    To satisfy Your Experience you must submit a claims application that provides details of 36 months of experience and 10 skills. Your application must be verified by a CPA, FCPA or other fully qualified IFAC member.

When can I use my new CPA designation?

As soon as you have received email confirmation from us about your new CPA status, you can start to use your new designation. Remember to update your online profiles, business cards and resume.

Check out our what’s next page for more information on professional development, membership obligations and member services.

When will I receive my certificate?

Certificate presentation ceremony dates and times vary by location. Some larger Australian states may run a presentation ceremony twice a year, others once a year, and with smaller divisional locations the ceremony may be combined with the annual divisional AGM. Your email confirmation will provide you with details about what ceremony you are invited to. If you have any questions about your certificate or ceremony, contact us.

Your membership fee

As an Associate member, you have paid a discounted annual membership fee each year. As a CPA, your next annual membership renewal notice – sent in November – will reflect the relevant CPA status fee for the following year.