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Pre-budget Submission 2021-22 Snapshot


Recovery, transformation and sustainability

The focus of the 2021-22 Federal Budget should be supporting short-term economic recovery through expansionary fiscal policies. Commitments to longer-term economic transformation through reforms and investments should also be prioritised. Environmental sustainability must underpin the Budget.


Support for small business

  • Incentivise small businesses to seek advice from their professional adviser
  • Provide targeted assistance for industries heavily affected by COVID-19
  • Provide standardised, scaleable, targeted disaster support for businesses
Study groups

Income tax relief

  • Bring forward stage 3 personal tax cuts
  • Extend the low-and middle-income tax offset to 2021-22

Climate change

  • Embed environmental sustainability into Australia’s economic recovery
  • Fund the development and deployment of technologies that will play a role in combatting global warming

Digital transformation

  • Substantially increase funding for small business digital transformation
  • Provide financial support for small businesses to engage approved e-commerce platforms

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