Big ambitions at odds with thrift in Northern Territory Budget (PDF)
One-third of Indian small businesses turn to technology to combat COVID-19 (PDF)
Dynamic Filipino small businesses may be weighed down by financing difficulties (PDF)
Tech spurs V-shaped rebound for Vietnam’s small businesses – English (PDF) | Vietnamese (PDF)
Taiwanese small businesses resilient and digital breakthrough expected – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Strong customer focus leads to speedy recovery for Indonesian small businesses – English (PDF) | Indonesian (PDF)
Singapore's small businesses more resilient than counterparts in Southeast Asia (PDF)
Covid slashes Kiwi small business growth by 40 per cent (PDF)
Malaysian small businesses increase use of digital technologies due to COVID (PDF)
Hong Kong small businesses on the brink as confidence slumps to record low – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Australian small businesses stuck in digital dark ages (PDF)
Loan scheme addresses symptoms but not condition (PDF)
Shameful ASIC fee increase warrants immediate review (PDF)
JobSeeker increase welcome but is it enough? (PDF)
Financial support needed for businesses harmed by lockdowns (PDF)
CPA Australia urges financial burden relief and economic recovery support in Hong Kong budget – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
CPA Australia 2021-22 Federal Budget Submission (PDF) 
Mainland China economic and business sentiment survey 2021 – Mainland Chinese businesses predict growth in 2021 – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)


Hong Kong economic sentiment survey 2021 – Business sentiment in Hong Kong continues to fall in 2021 as COVID-19 weighs on economic recovery – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
FASEA decision a good first step but more required (PDF)
Get ready for Wealth Management Connect in the GBA – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
CPA Australia welcomes creation of value reporting foundation (PDF)
Professional advice could deliver windfall to economy, hip pockets and health (PDF)
Accounting bodies unite to promote mental health with small business (PDF)
Accountants supportive of pandemic response but urge greater national unity (PDF)
Integrated Reporting finalists among global business elite (PDF)
Tax Practitioners Board signs new MOU with CPA Australia (PDF)
Federal Budget statement (PDF)
CPA Australia appoints Directors and Office Bearers (PDF)
United call for Small Business Viability Review program in budget (PDF)
CPA Australia calls for further support for businesses during COVID restrictions (PDF)
CPA Australia’s submission on the Federal Government’s 2020-21 Budget (PDF)
FinTech usage increases among Malaysian businesses (PDF)
Business FinTech Usage Survey Singapore – Singapore businesses forging ahead with use of FinTech to improve efficiency (PDF)
Business FinTech Usage Survey Mainland China – Chinese businesses lead FinTech usage in regional survey – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Business FinTech Usage Survey Hong Kong – Hong Kong businesses to lead the way in FinTech usage in the coming 12 months – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
All-time high SGTI results highlight improvements in corporate governance disclosures and practices (PDF)
Government support critical but long road to recovery ahead, says CPA Australia (PDF)
JobKeeper extension gives business extra time to recover from the economic impacts of COVID-19 (PDF)
Malaysia’s financial institutions score well in board gender diversity (PDF)
AICD, CA ANZ and CPA Australia release COVID-19 annual reporting guidance (PDF)
Business Advice Needed To Restore Growth, Warn Accounting Bodies (PDF)
Reflect, reimagine and reinvent for a sustainable economic recovery post- COVID, says CPA Australia (PDF)
Tax tips 2020 from CPA Australia (PDF)
Small Business Survey 2019-20 Vietnam – Vietnam’s small businesses lead the region in growth, survey finds – English (PDF) | Vietnamese (PDF)
Small Business Survey 2019-20 Indonesia – English (PDF) | Bahasa (PDF)
Hong Kong Tax Survey 2020 – Calls for tax measures to build a healthy and forward-looking society amidst diverse views on increasing tax revenue – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Small Business Survey 2019-20 Mainland China – Technology and digital capabilities are key for small business in China to overcome the challenges of COVID-19 – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Small Business Survey 2019-20 Singapore – A stronger focus on customers and technology essential for small business recovery
Early access to super COVID-19 measure – joint bodies ensure Australians can easily access professional advice (PDF)
JobKeeper will deliver a lifeline to workers and businesses, says CPAs (PDF)
Hong Kong - 44 per cent of small businesses in HONG KONG sought external funds for survival before covid-19 pandemic – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
COVID 19 – jobkeeper scheme a lifesaver says CPAs (PDF)
COVID 19 – stimulus and safety net measures (PDF)
Fiscal stimulus timely boost amid Coronavirus threat (PDF)
Tips for small business to prepare for Coronavirus (PDF)
Worldwide accounting profession’s call to action on climate change – Australia (PDF)
Worldwide accounting profession’s call to action on climate change – New Zealand (PDF)
Worldwide accounting profession’s call to action on climate change – Greater China
English (PDF) | Traditional Chinese (PDF) | Simplified Chinese (PDF)
Hong Kong – Coronavirus and other economic headwinds call for immediate measures – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
MR- CPA Australia's Federal Budget Submission 2020 (PDF) 
China Economic and Business Sentiment Survey 2020 – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)


Hong Kong economic sentiment survey 2020 – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
The accounting profession calls for efficient regulatory frameworks 
Accountants exemption misses main issue says CAANZ and CPA Australia
New CPA Australia Directors announced (PDF)
FASEA transition extension welcome, says CPA Australia (PDF)
Singapore small businesses fall behind ASEAN countries – small business owners optimistic about growth in 2019 (PDF) 
Tax reforms bolster small business growth in Mainland China – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Federal Budget statement
Hong Kong small business confidence lowest in APAC markets – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)
Singapore budget appropriate to help business navigate current and future challenges (PDF)
CPA Australia survey finds businesses in China cautiously optimistic in 2019 amid global uncertainties – English (PDF) | Chinese (PDF)


Hong Kong's economy to be challenged in 2019 amid opportunities – English (PDF) Chinese (PDF)
CPA Australia signs MoC with CICPA at WCOA – English (PDF) | Chinese simplified | 简体中文 (PDF) | Chinese traditional | 繁體中文 (PDF) 
New CPA Australia Directors announced (PDF)
Hong Kong confidence high in Greater Bay Area initiative – English (PDF) Chinese (PDF)
Real Budget story in the detail says CPA Australia (PDF) 
CPA Australia announces new CEO (PDF)
CPA Australia Director appointed WA Auditor General (PDF)
CPA Australia Asia-Pacific Small Business Survey 2017
Hong Kong budget in terrific financial state – English (PDF) Chinese (PDF)
Corporate strategy review


CPA Australia Professional Standards Scheme approved 21 December 2017
Survey reveals Hong Kong's economic sentiment rises significantly for 2018 - English (PDF)
28 November 2017
Survey reveals Hong Kong's economic sentiment rises significantly for 2018 - Chinese (PDF) 28 November 2017
CPA Australia Board announced 28 September 2017
Corporate governance disclosures at all-time high for Singapore-listed companies (PDF) 1 August 2017
CPA Australia releases Independent Review plan 3 July 2017
CPA Australia responds to New Zealand Budget (PDF) 25 May 2017
Federal Budget statement 9 May 2017
CPA Australia applauds Hong Kong Budget (PDF) 22 January 2017


Hong Kong’s economy remains subdued and the SAR faces growing competitive pressures – English (PDF)
Hong Kong’s economy remains subdued and the SAR faces growing competitive pressures – traditional Chinese (PDF) 6 October 2016
Statement from Alex Malley, chief executive of CPA Australia
1 October 2016
New Zealand's vision for more diversified economy supported by strong well-rounded budget (PDF)
16 May 2016
Federal Budget 2016: Statement from Alex Malley, Chief Executive (PDF)
3 May 2016
CPA Australia welcomes revised Bill for Professional Standards reforms (PDF)
28 April 2016
Statement from Alex Malley, chief executive of CPA Australia, responding to announcement regarding ASIC (PDF)
20 April 2016
CPA Australia Advice secures licences from ASIC (PDF)
18 April 2016
Welcoming “The objective of superannuation” discussion paper (PDF) 9 March 2016
Welcoming the retention of the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (PDF) 4 March 2016
Treasurer Morrison’s address to National Press Club (PDF) 17 February 2016
Launch of valuation and depreciation guide for public sector and not-for-profit entities (PDF) 17 February 2016
Hong Kong Tax Survey – English (PDF) 26 January 2016
Hong Kong Tax Survey – traditional Chinese (PDF) 26 January 2016


Indonesia – a field of opportunity in need of some attention (PDF)
The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement entering into force (PDF) 18 December 2015
China’s economic outlook positive, driven by innovation (PDF) 16 December 2015
China's Economic Survey 2016 – English (PDF) 15 December 2015
China's Economic Survey 2016 – traditional Chinese (PDF) 15 December 2015
Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook (PDF) 15 December 2015
Extending superannuation choice to enterprise agreements and workplace determinations (PDF) 10 December 2015
Innovation strategy: The plan we had to have (PDF) 9 December 2015
CPA Australia signs cooperation agreement with Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University – English (PDF) 8 December 2015
CPA Australia signs cooperation agreement with Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University – traditional Chinese (PDF) 8 December 2015
Aussie small businesses least innovative in Asia-Pacific (PDF) 5 December 2015
Introduction of the Corporations Amendment (Crowd-sourced Funding) Bill 2015 (PDF) 3 December 2015
CPA Australia signs cooperation agreement with AHRI (PDF) 19 November 2015
CPA Australia and CUFA launch financial literacy app for children in Cambodia (PDF) 13 November 2015
We don’t need a drip feed of information on GST – modelling already exists on impacts for households and economy (PDF) 2 November 2015
Government response to Financial System Inquiry "measured and "appropriate" (PDF) 20 October 2015
Hong Kong Economic Survey 2016 – English (PDF) 20 October 2015
Hong Kong Economic Survey 2016 – traditional Chinese (PDF) 20 October 2015
CPA Australia Signs MoU with Taiwan accounting bodies – English (PDF) 30 September 2015
CPA Australia Signs MoU with Taiwan accounting bodies – traditional Chinese (PDF) 30 September 2015
Statement on new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (PDF) 15 September 2015
Bruce Billson’s pro-small business reform should be supported (PDF) 1 September 2015
Hockey fails to restart stalled tax reform process (PDF) 24 August 2015
Statement on High Court of New Zealand decision (PDF) 6 August 2015
Statement on the Greens CGT and negative gearing costings (PDF) 5 August 2015
GST threshold for goods purchased from overseas (PDF) 28 July 2015
STEM and Neil Armstrong – let's "reboot the suit" (PDF) 21 July 2015
Hong Kong Human Capital survey – English (PDF)
30 June 2015
Hong Kong Human Capital survey – traditional Chinese (PDF) 30 June 2015
Statement on Australia joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (PDF) 25 June 2015
China Human Capital survey – English (PDF) 9 June 2015
China Human Capital survey – simplified Chinese (PDF) 9 June 2015
CPA Australia to enter financial advice market (PDF) 5 June 2015
The keys to New Zealand's future (PDF) 21 May 2015
Small business a winner but Budget fails on a vision (PDF) 12 May 2015
Multinational tax and digital downloads (PDF) 11 May 2015
The delayed white paper that might turn yellow? 30 March 2015
Hong Kong Budget address 25 February 2015
GST reform: It’s time for a rational debate 18 February 2015
Compromise on R&D incentives (PDF) 11 February 2015
Where next for large private company statutory reporting? 10 February 2015
Hong Kong tax survey results 5 February 2015
CPA Australia applauds RBA's leadership 3 February 2015


Reforming the financial advice sector
FSI points to the need for global competitiveness
7 December 2014
China trade deal finally done (PDF)
17 November 2014
Familiar look to ASIC’s focus areas for 31 December financial reports 
7 November 2014
New Zealand: New accounting and audit law
30 October 2014
CPA Australia helps investors get to the truth 2 October 2014
Australian audit reports 2005 – 2013
24 September 2014
China's 2015 economic outlook
23 September 2014
Australia – India agreement heralds new era of cooperation 
22 September 2014
CPA Australia members giving back to their communities
19 September 2014
New President for CPA Australia 
10 September 2014
Long-term vision needed for Australian super policy
2 September 2014
New guide helps investors see behind the numbers
1 August 2014


Australia's Competitiveness: From lucky country to competitive country