20 May 2019

CPA Australia’s Board of Directors met last week to coincide with the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and I would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on the following matters.

  1. Annual General Meeting
  2. Establishment of new divisions

1. Annual General Meeting

The CPA Australia AGM was held on Tuesday 14 May at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne.   

Almost 3000 members voted on the resolutions being put to the meeting either by lodging their proxy prior to the AGM or voting at the meeting. There were 109 voting members in attendance at the AGM.

For the third year, the AGM was webcast and for the first time members viewing the AGM online were able to ask questions during the meeting. This year 36 people watched the AGM webcast. 

The meeting was a valuable forum to discuss a wide range of issues, including governance, ethical standards and the integrated report.

The Board did not propose any resolutions this year, however, five resolutions were put forward by members with all details included in the Notice of Meeting.

The first of these resolutions was proposed by Carl McCarthy to improve accountability by mandating an EGM within three months if emergency powers are used to appoint a Director. The Board was supportive of this resolution. It was passed with 98.1 per cent of the available vote. The other four resolutions were not passed.

The results from the AGM are now available on the CPA Australia website.

The Board would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the AGM, particularly those who travelled to Melbourne to be part of the discussions.

The Board is aware that some people experienced problems with accessing the webcast and the issue is being investigated with the provider. A recording of the AGM is available on the CPA Australia website. In addition, responses to questions taken on notice will be published shortly. 

The matters raised will continue to inform the Board’s thinking in the year ahead.

2. Establishment of new divisions

The Board has approved that the existing branches in the Northern Territory, New Zealand and Europe are now afforded the status of divisions.

The establishment of divisions for these jurisdictions is designed to improve representation of members and brings consistency to the structure of CPA Australia, particularly as each of the branches can now appoint a Councillor to the Appointments Council, and their Presidents are members of the Council of Presidents.

Peter Wilson AM FCPA
President and Chair
On behalf of CPA Australia’s Board of Directors

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