23 May 2018

Last night a record number of CPA members had their say in the 2018 AGM. Almost 7000 members voted on 14 resolutions, and more than 350 people attended the event in Melbourne.

Members passed four resolutions for Constitutional change that will increase transparency and accountability to members which were endorsed by the Board. A further 10 resolutions were not passed. View the full results.

The Board encouraged every member, wherever they were located, to inform themselves about the resolutions put forward at the AGM and to have their say by voting.

The Constitutional changes passed last night will improve CPA Australia’s governance arrangements by:

  • changing the way directors are appointed by establishing an Appointments Council comprised of Divisional and Branch Councillors who are themselves directly elected by members
  • removing the CEO’s right to attend all Board meetings, with Constitutional amendments to ensure the Board can meet without senior management in attendance
  • establishing a Council of Presidents to improve the ability of members to engage meaningfully with the Board on strategy
  • setting the maximum number of Board members at 10, set the maximum term for the President at three consecutive years, and creating a capped remuneration pool for Directors.

The AGM followed months of extensive consultation with members and the Board has learned a lot from our interactions.

In our meetings with members we have talked about this level of interaction being the “new normal”. Listening to you and being informed by your views is critically important to us as your Board.

The Board acknowledges there is much more work to be done to rebuild trust and move forward, which was apparent in much of the discussion at the AGM.

The Board will reflect on all contributions made before and at the AGM to inform future activity and will maintain the strong engagement program we have begun with members.

The Board would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the AGM, particularly those who travelled to Melbourne to be part of the debate and discussions.

We know that members want to see action and tangible improvements in the value CPA Australia offers to members. The Board and CEO Andrew Hunter will continue to work with members on the development and implementation of the new corporate strategy and improving the value and service we offer to you.

Peter Wilson AM FCPA
President and Chair
On behalf of CPA Australia’s Board of Directors

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