My Capability Plan is a simple online self-assessment tool designed to help finance and accounting professionals, like you, identify and acquire the diversity of skills needed in today’s competitive business environment.

Don’t wait for your dream career to come to you, use My Capability Plan to proactively plan your professional career path today.

Note: The resources in My Capability Plan are Australia-specific.

As a member of a leading global professional body, you understand the value of life-long learning. Whilst there is an obligation to participate in continuing professional development (CPD) as part of your CPA Australia membership, there are other, more integral reasons to maintain your CPD:

  • it ensures you continually build the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the competitive business environment 
  • it assists you in achieving your development and career goals 
  • it assists you to excel in your role, providing increased value to your organisation and your clients 
  • it provides transferable skills for increased employability
  • it helps to build your reputation as a business leader.

When you renew your membership each year, you declare to comply with the CPA constitution, By-Laws and CPD obligations.

For your CPD obligations, you need to demonstrate:

  • a minimum of 20 hours of CPD activities per year
  • a total of 120 hours for a three year time period (triennium).

Up to 10 CPD hours each year for reading, listening or watching any relevant leadership, personal or professional development material.

Who needs to complete CPD?

  • Associate members (ASAs)
  • Members (CPAs)
  • Fellows (FCPAs)
  • Retired members who provide public accounting services
  • Specialist service providers

What if I am not working, or working reduced hours?

A reduction of hours for your CPD obligations is available. You can apply for a reduction if you have taken leave from your professional duties. Total and partial reduction of hours may be granted.

Applications can only be made if you have been selected for a review. Email [email protected] with the reason for your application and, where possible, include documents to support your claim.

Examples of supporting documents include:

  • a letter from your employer confirming a leave of absence from work (including dates)
  • a medical certificate stating your condition, dates, and how the condition affected your ability to complete CPD.

What happens if I cannot fulfil my CPD obligations?

A member who does not provide sufficient evidence of continuing professional development may be referred to Professional Conduct.

When do I need to complete my CPD?

CPD is accumulated over a three year period known as a triennium. Your triennium start date is based on when you joined CPA Australia. If you joined before June 30, your triennium starts 1 January that year. If you joined after June 30, your triennium starts 1 January the following year.

Your trienniums can be calculated from this date forward. To check when your next triennium starts, visit your CPD Diary.

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