Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Accounting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the way we work. In this podcast, we explore the implications of machine learning on the future of the accounting profession. This podcast explores why we should not fear AI, and instead embrace the fantastic future ahead should we choose to seize it.


01:04 – how society is progressing with AI currently
04:35 – the relevance and need for accountant with the progression of AI
11:00 – implications for the future of the accounting profession
14:55 – how will new accountants develop the skills and expertise to go through the ranks if basic skills are no longer required?
17:31 – exploring how an accountant’s role could change with the development of AI
19:51 – globalisation aspects of AI and how this fits into the future of the accounting profession
22:18 – exploring the changes in teaching methods for accountants to prepare for A!
27:34 – challenges and opportunities ahead for experienced accountants

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