ASIC corporate insolvency oversight and priorities

Thea Eszenyi, Senior Executive ASIC Insolvency Practitioner Team and Adrian Brown, Senior Executive ASIC Phoenix Taskforce discuss current corporate insolvency surveillance priorities and outline the implications of recent and foreshadowed insolvency law reform. Adrian and Thea provide valuable insight into the economic and market significance of effective insolvency law administration.


07:00 – key elements of the ATO-led Phoenix Taskforce
10:41 – exploring the ATO’s leadership in preventing illegal phoenix activity
14:24 – understanding the initiative around director identification numbers
17:46 – alarm bells to identify company phoenixing activity from a public practitioner's perspective
25:40 – why corporate failure and insolvency environment makes remuneration a contentious issue
35:42 – the source of alleged misconduct and what this says around the overall conduct of external administrations
40:21 – the nature and trends in some of the headline categories within the 2016 report, such as independence, remuneration and adequacy of investigation

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