ASIC financial reporting focus areas and surveillance findings

A discussion with Douglas Niven, Senior Executive Leader at ASIC about the recently released financial reporting focus areas.  The discussion will also cover ASIC’s findings from its financial report surveillance program  


  • Financial reporting quality improvement requirements identified through ASIC’s surveillance programme – 01:21
  • What ASIC mean when they ask for financial reports to be useful and meaningful - 04:12
  • The significant upcoming impacts for companies if they don’t embrace the new accounting standards as outlined by ASIC - 08:21
  • The requirements for Directors, being primarily responsible for the quality of the financial report – 10:25
  • ASIC’s view on the major national and international developments which shape disclosure in the UFR – 13:05
  • The role of financial report preparers - 18:37
  • Focus areas appearing again how we can prevent this from reoccurring - 21:20

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