ASIC explains the key audit inspection findings for 2019 and how they are responding

ASIC’s audit inspection report found an increase in negative findings and so is commencing new initiatives aimed at improving audit quality. Doug Niven, Senior Executive leader for Financial Reporting and Audit at ASIC, explains to Claire Grayston from CPA Australia the basis of those findings and what ASIC’s new key initiatives involve. Doug also explains why the report now provides greater transparency by including individual results for the “Big 4” firms.


0:43 Overall findings

2:25 ASIC’s audit quality initiatives

4:18 Why not litigate?

6:37 Reviews of culture, talent, governance, conflicts of interest and accountability

8:45 Corporate Governance Task Force

10:50 Individual firm findings

16:15 Proposed reporting directly to Audit Committees

19:08 Link between inspection findings and material misstatements

23:04 Key areas of concern

24:46 Firms’ action plans

26:41 Revised INFO 224ASIC audit inspections


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