ATO spotlight on work-related expenses

Tax Commissioner Chris Jordan has stated that the over-claiming of work-related expenses is estimated at $2.5 billion. In this podcast episode, Robert McDowall, partner at Arabon, Trisha Aventurado, Manager Public Practice Support Service at CPA Australia and Gavan Ord, Manager – Business and Investment Policy at CPA Australia, discuss what the ATO is doing about it, whether accountants should be auditing everything, and the ATO’s three golden rules for accountants and self-preparers when putting together work-related expenses.   


  • 2.01 Why the ATO has decided to highlight work-related expenses as an issue
  • 4.38 The increase in funding for the ATO to focus on work-related expenses
  • 6.34 Looking into the $150 laundry and maintenance claim
  • 10.31 How accountants can keep up to date with the latest information
  • 11.24 Client risk reviews for public practices
  • 14.16 Do accountants need to audit everything?
  • 18.36 Tips for dealing with clients who want to claim something that can’t usually be claimed
  • 22.09 The process of an ATO review
  • 30.00 High risk related work expenses
  • 33.46 Guidance on work-related expenses for tax payers who are self-preparers
  • 36.20 What to do if a client doesn’t have a receipt for a work-related expense
  • 37.57 What are the ATO’s requirements for substantiating expenses?
  • 41.33 Other areas of concern for the ATO in addition to work-related expenses
  • 43.50 Key takeaways and the three golden rules

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