Bernard Salt predicts staircase recovery for Australia post-pandemic

In one of our most popular episodes of the CPA Australia Podcast (originally released on 15th May 2020) this discussion with Bernard Salt has been re-released. What does Australia look like post-pandemic? Not just economically, but socially, culturally and in workplaces? While many commentators recoil from these questions, Bernard Salt AM, Managing Director of The Demographics Group, believes this is what CEOs and boards need to be talking about.

In this podcast episode, Salt provides an insight into the economic and social trends in Australia for the remainder of this year and beyond, and why he thinks the path ahead is a "staircase recovery", with the real issue being how to navigate it.

He discusses why accountants are crucial when an economy is shut down and then scaled up, in particular because of their skills in scenario planning and how strategic decisions play out in the numbers.

Salt also covers why the pandemic could spell the end of narcissism, and his hope that Australians continue their appreciation of essential workers in the recovery phase. He also offers his best advice to young professionals working today, which includes like your work, stick at it and don’t listen to people who say work smarter, not harder.

Bernard Salt will be speaking at the Public Practice Virtual Conference on 8 October 2020 on the future of work: planning for tomorrow’s workforce. Find out more.

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