Budget 2018: Winners and losers

In this episode of the CPA Australia Podcast, INTHEBLACK editor Jan McCallum and CPA Australia Head of Policy Paul Drum FCPA discuss the 2018 Federal Budget in finer detail. Jan and Paul discuss the winners, the losers and missed opportunities of the third Turnbull/Morrison Budget.


01:45 – what does this budget mean for business?
03:32 – understanding the opportunities for small and medium sized businesses?
06:14 – what does CPA Australia see as some of the most effective budget measures?
08:01 – the government has relaxed the rules on audits of self managed super funds. How will the CPA membership view that?
09:35 – exploring the initiatives for older Australians such as measures to keep them in the workforce and their homes rather than aged care
11:35 – identifying any obstacles to the government getting tax cuts through parliament?
13:14 – understanding why the Tax Office is getting more money to investigate individuals and tax agents.
14:50 – discussing why the Black economy is such a big focus for the government
18:59 – discussing the announcement in the Budget regarding Everett assignments
21:12 – understanding the announcement around how sports stars and actors use their images and how they get paid for this
23:38 – were there any missed opportunities in this budget?

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