What if you built your business with a plan to sack yourself?

Not many people openly talk about the day they plan to sack themselves. In this episode, Jason Cunningham CPA explains why it’s important to create a self-sufficient business. Jason shares his experience with prioritising the team over the importance of the individual and how that can deliver a business that will continue to grow, even if he decides to give himself his own marching orders.

This episode is part six of a seven part podcast series about the seven key ingredients of business success. For links to previous episodes, scroll down to the further resources section.


02:57 – understanding the concept of sacking yourself
09:31 – exploring the benefits of allowing others to take control of your business
19:27 – bringing your team on the journey of making your business sufficient without you
29:11 – what do you need to do to go down the path of sacking yourself?

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