Strategy implementation step by step

In today's episode of the CPA Australia Podcast, Jillian Bowen speaks with Justin Lurie who is a congressional candidate and also experienced in mergers, acquisitions, strategy consulting and commodity markets. Justin will discuss the importance of strategy, what a strategic principle is and also how to implement strategy step by step.


02:13 – strategy is at the heart of everything we do
02:50 – where people go wrong with strategy
03:57 – the strategic principle explained
04:40 – an example of a strategic principle
09:47 – how to create a strategic principle for your business
13:04 – the strategy pyramid
15:56 – how to create a strategy pyramid
18:25 – how big the strategy pyramid be
19:45 – how to use the strategy pyramid in your day-to-day job
20:33 – how a small business can create a strategy pyramid

Further resources

Transcript (PDF)
• Visit Justin Lurie's website
• Read Justin's book The Profit
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