Rehabilitate or dismiss? Managing your client base

In this podcast, Clare Mann, Managing Director of Communicate31, Mark Ault FCPA, Principal of Aults Accounting & Tax, and Caroline Karavias, Professional Standards Onboarding Manager at CPA Australia, discuss practical ways to manage your client base in a positive way, from rehabilitation to dismissal.

Clare is a renowned Psychologist, best-selling author and Existential Coach. Her expertise in leadership, communications and psychology has led her to be one of the most sought after psychologists in Australia. She has published three books and contributed to six others, including a prescribed textbook on human resource management. Her inclusion in 50 Unsung Business Heroes (2015) positions her as a thought-leader and facilitator of change. She was also featured as one of the 25 Sydney-based entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners in the inaugural edition of  the Nifnex Business and Lifestyle Magazine. Her latest book “Communicate – How to Say What Needs to be Said, When it Needs to be Said, In the Way it Needs to be Said” has international acclaim with the foreword written by US Presidential Advisor and Best Selling Author, Doug Wead. Her unique style of communication enables her to make complex issues simple and immediately applicable to everyday problems.

Mark is the Principal of Aults Accounting & Tax, a practice which specialises in business and practice management initiatives and business succession planning, in addition to providing proactive accounting and taxation advice. Mark provides seminars and workshops to assist clients to reach their business goals and objectives. Mark’s client base encompasses SME and multi-structure clients as well as individual clients. Mark is also a Quality Reviewer for CPA Australia. With over 30 years’ experience in public practice, he advises practices on practice management and risk management. He assists practices to transition and remain relevant and focused on client services within an ever changing environment.


01.39 – The Pereto Principle when discussing client relationship management
04.00 – How business owners and managers identify the core problem with a client
08.53 – Factors to consider when deciding to rehabilitate or dismiss a client
13.25 - How to assess whether a client is worthy of being engaged by the practice
16.02 - Key practical steps in implementing a client rehabilitation program
19.32 – The skills you need when having a difficult conversation with a client
23.56 – The importance of listening to your staff when deciding whether to rehabilitate or dismiss a client
29.35 – Positive ways to terminate a client – techniques and practical steps
37.14 – Non-negotiable behaviour criteria that managers and business owners can put into place at the start of a client relationship
39.13 – How often business owners and managers should review their client base

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