Developing your strategic finance skills

Finance people are generally considered to be stronger working on the details. Yet, if we want to continue to add value and be seen as a business partner then it is critical that we work on developing our strategic finance skills.

In this weeks’ podcast episode, we are joined by Danette Fenton-Menzies, Director of Learning at Magical Learning. She will discuss topics such as what is strategic leadership, how does strategic finance support strategic leadership, what skills do we need to develop and to value add from a strategic perspective and what tools do we need to support strategic finance and the future of developing it.


0:52 Why is strategic leadership important?
2:18 How Strategic finance supports strategic leadership
8:35 Tools everyone needs to support strategic finance
12:45 Questions to ask from a strategic perspective to value add
15:38 The future of developing strategic finance


Transcript (PDF)
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