Distribution of deceased estates

In this podcast episode, Ian Raspin FCPA and Katerina Peiros TEP, discuss the distribution of deceased estates and the issues accountants should consider in estate planning.

Katerina is the founder of Hartwell Legal and Ian is the Director of Estates and Trusts at BNR Partners. Katerina is an accredited Wills and Estates Specialist and runs a specialist practice in this area. Ian specialises in the taxation of deceased estates and trusts, providing estate taxation solutions and advice to legal practitioners, executors and listed trustee companies across Australia. They are both published authors in this space and Ian is the author of three books: CGT on a Deceased’s Residence – A Tax Minefield, Taxation of Deceased Estates for Estate Practitioners and The Australian tax pitfalls of administering an estate with international connections.


  • 1.15 The statistics: why estate planning and deceased estate practices are on the rise
  • 3.10 A typical administration process
  • 8.02 What to do with outstanding tax debts
  • 9.25 The general issues to be aware of when planning an estate
  • 12.44 The impact of technology on estate planning
  • 16.47 Accountants role in identifying elder financial abuse
  • 17.56 What accountants should consider before taking on a role as executor
  • 25.31 The role of accountants and mitigating risk
  • 28.10 Unpaid tax and working with the ATO

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