Why aptitude matters more than IQ – hiring and retaining the right staff

As the saying goes, "If you’re in business, you’re in the business of relationships." So, when you’re hiring staff, how do you make sure your potential new talent feels comfortable in the interview? How do you meet their expectations of the job role and then retain the talent you’ve managed to find? Dr Jenny Brockis answers these questions and more with an in-depth look into brain science and the workplace. This presentation will show you how to hire for both aptitude and attitude, be aware of the brain’s role in subconscious bias, and how it’s often the simple things that will help you retain your top performers.


01.21 – aptitude and attitude in the workplace
01.55 – different generations working together in the workplace
03.21 – the brain science around recruiting and retaining staff
05.10 – how valuable is IQ in the workplace?
06.29 – why attitude is increasingly important when hiring staff
09.12 – brain science and the interview process
13.20 – how the brain seeks balance between threat and reward
19.04 – how your mindset can make the difference
25.54 – subconscious bias in the workplace
28.28 – what makes great people stay?
35.56 – performance reviews and ongoing feedback

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