Why employers want to see micro-credentials on your resume

As workplaces constantly evolve and adapt to shifting consumer demands, employers are now looking for specialised skills, in addition to tertiary qualifications, to fill the skills gap.

In this podcast episode, Simon Eassom, Executive General Manager Member Education, CPA Australia, discusses how having a micro-credential on your resume demonstrates specialised skills that employers can trust. He covers why you’ll start to see the rise of importance of micro-credentials in our education system, why they give an employer a third-party validation of your skills, and why micro-credentials can fill a skills gap from entry level to the C-suite. Listen now.

Guest: Simon Eassom, Executive General Manager Member Education, CPA Australia Host: Jackie Blondell, Editor, CPA Australia

CPA Australia's micro-credentialed courses cover the most in-demand business and finance skills, and are flexible, relevant, and provide life-long learning opportunities. Find out more here.

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