Help your employees thrive with real engagement

In this podcast, Clare Mann, Managing Director of Communicate31, and Tao de Haas, Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Social Ecologist and Executive Coach, discuss team building, mentoring and coaching in the workplace.

Clare is a renowned Psychologist, best-selling author and Existential Coach. Her expertise in leadership, communications and psychology has led her to be one of the most sought after psychologists in Australia. She has published three books and contributed to six others, including a prescribed textbook on human resource management. Her inclusion in 50 Unsung Business Heroes (2015) positions her as a thought-leader and facilitator of change. She was also featured as one of the 25 Sydney-based entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners in the inaugural edition of  the Nifnex Business and Lifestyle Magazine. Her latest book “Communicate – How to Say What Needs to be Said, When it Needs to be Said, In the Way it Needs to be Said” has international acclaim with the foreword written by US Presidential Advisor and Best Selling Author, Doug Wead. Her unique style of communication enables her to make complex issues simple and immediately applicable to everyday problems.

Tao de Haas is a Registered Clinical Psychotherapist, Social Ecologist, Executive Coach and published author and is the co-author of “Leadership is upside down”. For many years he has presented training programs specifically for accountants and accountancy firms, including KMPG, Ernst & Young and PWC. With well over 30 years’ experience, Tao’s great passion is to help enrich people’s lives, personally and professionally. He specialises in emotional intelligence, effective communication skills, conflict resolution and management, and leadership development. Tao is a highly regarded and inspirational international presenter and teacher and has been a lecturer with various educational institutions. He has appeared on many TV and radio programs, including the Sunrise program, the 7.30 Report and Australian Story.


  • 2:10 How managers can build an effective work team
  • 8:05 Tao is not a fan of team building exercises
  • 10:42 What does engagement really mean?
  • 13:08 The fear of conflict
  • 15:15 The importance of coaching and mentoring
  • 32:37 Building trust with others


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