Excel shortcuts for accountants

Excel is a valuable tool in the professional world and a must-have for accountants. Learning your way around Excel keyboard shortcuts is a great way to master the platform and a neat way to improve productivity. We chat to Excel Expert Neale Blackwood CPA, who has more than 20 years’ experience using and writing about Excel for accountants. 


  • 1:49 - The most common every day excel shortcuts
  • 2:18 - Shortcuts not a lot of other people are aware of
  • 3:55 - Best use of excel – Neale’s top tips
  • 8:39 - Shortcuts for tables in excel
  • 12:55 - Tips for navigating around an excel spreadsheet
  • 14:37 - Formatting quick tips
  • 19:38 - Alt shortcuts you may not be aware of
  • 23:11 - Shift key shortcuts

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