Excel Yourself Podcast Series

Welcome to the Excel Yourself podcast series. Here you’ll find a series of podcast episodes on Microsoft Excel, covering small data sets, function macros, why XLOOKUP has replaced VLOOKUP, and text boxes.

Build your skills in Excel and make your work easier, faster and more efficient. Listen now.  

Guest: Neale Blackwood CPA, Principal, A4 Accounting 

Excel Yourself: How to use an IS function in Excel

Knowing what a cell contains can be useful when developing your formulas. Excel has a collection of IS functions that can help.

Excel Yourself: Dynamic Charts in Microsoft Excel

Dynamic charts allow you to make selections that are automatically updated in the chart. Here, you’ll learn how to use range names to convert a static chart in a dynamic one.

Excel Yourself: Slicers in Microsoft Excel

Slicers are an easy-to-use filter interface for pivot tables. In this podcast episode, you will learn how to use slicers on formatted tables in Microsoft Excel.

Excel Yourself: Small data sets

This podcast episode looks at how to convert a data entry layout that is easy to input, into a layout that works best with PivotTables and other reports. The solution uses Power Query and is very flexible. Listen now.

Excel Yourself: Function Macros

Did you know you can create your own functions in Excel? In this podcast episode, we look at three functions, called User Defined Functions or UDF’s, that you can create to improve Excel’s functionality. One function returns the username. The next determines if a cell contains a date. The last function allows you to split text and extract specific entries based on a delimiter character. This is handy for codes that have a set structure. Listen now.

Excel Yourself: XLOOKUP Function

In this podcast episode, you will learn all about the XLOOKUP function and why it is important to use. Just like VLOOKUP which is going away, XLOOKUP allows you to look up a code in a table and return entries on the same row as the code. Listen now.

Excel Yourself: Text Boxes

Text boxes are an old Excel feature that can provide flexibility to all types of Excel files. In this podcast episode, discover how to use text boxes and why it will help in your day to day work. Listen now.

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