Workplace flexibility: do you dare to work from home?

How do you ask your manager if you can work from home? Do you trust your employees or team to be working when they’re not in the office? In this podcast episode, junior staff right through to business owners can learn how working remotely will help retain talent and increase the productivity of a team or organisation. You’ll also find tips on how to speak to your manager about working flexibly, and some of the barriers to implementing flexible work practices. Join Phu Nguyen, Chief Finance Officer, City of Melbourne, and Corey Hale, Director Corporate Services from Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group for their thoughts on this topic. Facilitated by Mel Yates, Director, Reporting and Red Tape Reduction, ACNC Corporate Services at Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission. 


  • 1.26 Why would an employer offer workplace flexibility?
  • 3.51 The challenges of allowing employees to work remotely
  • 5.46 Why trust and communication are integral when working flexibly
  • 9.50 How technology enables working remotely
  • 13.00 What stops people working remotely?
  • 15.32 Success stories of workplace flexibility  
  • 17.54 Tips for employees when asking to work flexibly  
  • 21.56 What is the future for workplace flexibility?
  • 25.08 The blending of work and home

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