Healthcare innovation and financial sustainability

The future of the healthcare sector is changing. Innovation, the patient experience and data visualisation are only some of the factors contributing to how leaders need to be thinking about financial sustainability. In this podcast episode, Dr. Avi Ratnanesan, CEO of Energesse, will discuss how healthcare sector leaders can frame the ‘big picture’ in the context of changing trends, funding models, value-based care and the needs of the workforce. Avi is in conversation with Tom Burton, Walkley award winning journalist, and Publisher of The Mandarin.   


0.35 Why the patient experience is now top of mind

8.08 How to embed the patient experience into positive outcomes for the hospital

11.15 When creating patient data around experience, how do you build an organisational culture of responding to this data?

16.21 Data, precision medicine and personalised health

26.56 The shift from the all-knowing clinician to the well-informed patient

29.52 The shift from focussing on extension of life to quality of life

34.44 Driving larger scale capability growth in the health sector

39.14 Tips on dealing with tricky clinicians

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