The future of healthcare: public versus private

The healthcare industry has always been a challenging sector with rules, regulations, guidelines and a complex financial environment. In this podcast episode we will uncover;
What are the five top challenges for your healthcare service? How do you approach these challenges and is there pressure to move away from the competition and towards a collaborative and co-operative partnership?
What role does the department play, especially in the choice of Public versus Private?
How can the finance professionals in the industry prepare for the ageing population and the limited resources?
Host: Gloria Sleaby FCPA, Non-Executive Director, DPV Health, Advisory Committees
MHCC & Eastern Health, MAICD, MIML, AGIA
Guests: Louise O'Connor, Executive Director, Epworth Eastern - Epworth HealthCare, Lisa Shaw-Stuart, Program Director Mental Health, Eastern Health and Jenny Zahara CPA, Chief Finance Officer, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria

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