Career Skills Revisited: How to get promoted at work

Are you ready to advance your career but have recently been overlooked for promotion? Are you aware of your reputation within your organisation, and are you actively building it to get noticed?

In this career skills revisited re-release podcast episode, Clare Lezaja CPA and Shane Michael Hatton discuss how to build your skills, reputation and personal brand to be ready when promotion opportunities emerge.

They offer their insights into what managers are looking for when promoting internally, practical tips to gain the skills you need to get noticed, and how to position yourself as a future leader in the eyes of senior management. They also share their views on the behaviour or actions you should avoid that could damage your reputation, and why having clear career goals is essential. Listen now.

Guests: Clare Lezaja CPA, finance executive and consultant, and Shane Michael Hatton, mentor, trainer and author. Host: Dan Langelaan, CFO, Housing First, and a member of CPA Australia’s Not-for-Profit and Public Technical Committee.

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