How to create real change for women at work

The dynamics are constantly shifting for women at work. Speaking up, getting recognised, time off for family and attaining leadership roles are just some of the challenges women can face. How do we meet these challenges in the workplace when there are so many ways to approach gender equity? The answer: Take action and share stories, however big or small. In this podcast episode, hear Suzi Finkelstein, Program Director, Women & Leadership Australia, discuss these topics and more as she advocates for 100 Days for Change, an initiative that aims to catalyse people into making achievable, practical changes to improve gender equity at work. Suzi is in conversation with Jillian Bowen, General Manager of Content and Social Media at CPA Australia.


01.13 – the vital work of Women and Leadership Australia
06.05 – characteristics of a great leader
10.20 – external challenges faced by women when coming into leadership roles
17.20 – the language of women in leadership
21.58 – gender equity is about women and men
24.29 – women at board and executive levels
27.47 – how to articulate what you want from your career
29.47 – how to keep the conversation going
31.47 – how do you get noticed if you’re already confident?
34.59 – the 100 Days for Change initiative
46.07 – why men and women should be talking about their change initiatives

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