How to use dynamic arrays in Excel (Parts 1-4)

Dynamic arrays make array functionality easy to access for all users. In this podcast series, Neale Blackwood CPA takes you through dynamic arrays and its new functions. Listen now.

Guest: Neale Blackwood CPA, Director, A4 Accounting

Dynamic arrays in Excel part 1: An introduction

This podcast episode introduces the concept of dynamic arrays in Excel. The new UNIQUE function is used as an example to help explain the new formula terminology and symbols. Listen now.

Dynamic arrays in Excel part 2: Two new functions

This podcast episode gives an in-depth explanation of two new functions that are part of Excel’s new dynamic arrays feature. We cover the use and structure of the UNIQUE and FILTER functions.

Dynamic arrays in Excel part 3: The remaining four functions

This podcast episode introduces and explains the remaining four new functions associated with the new dynamic arrays feature in Excel. The SORT, SORTBY, SEQUENCE and RANDARRAY functions are all discussed. Listen now.

Dynamic arrays in Excel part 4: How best to use them

This podcast includes a few ideas on how we can use the new dynamic array features as well as ideas on using existing functions with them. There will no doubt be lots of creative applications of these new features.

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