Human skills – future proof your career

What do you need to add to your skill base for future success in your career? Tailored for accounting and finance professionals, this podcast episode will show you why hard skills are not enough to drive your career forward and why mastering your human skills will define your success. You’ll hear from CPA Congress speaker Sarah Godfrey, Psychologist and Director of Life Works When, in conversation with Kimberly White, Conference Producer at CPA Australia.  


  • 0.42 The skills accountants and finance professionals need to future proof their career
  • 2.58 What is the relationship economy?
  • 5.40 The human skills needed to succeed: communication, collaboration, innovation and solution finding
  • 14.20 Where do emotional intelligence, empathy, adaptability and resilience fit in?
  • 15.11 How design thinking and creative thinking fit into the framework
  • 16.22 Why you need more than critical thinking
  • 19.07 Where a finance or accounting career can go once the human and technical skills have been mastered
  • 20.44 How to work on your self-awareness

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