The IAASB on international auditing and assurance standard setting

Tom Seidenstein, Chair of The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB), says the organisation’s role is to set high quality standards in the public interest. But he also emphasises they’re doing so in a way that is responsive, more agile, and highly connected to their stakeholder communities.

In this podcast episode, Seidenstein, along with Fiona Campbell, Deputy Chair of the IAASB, discusses the challenges faced by the IAASB, how they are responding to those challenges in their strategy and work plan, and the approach taken to key projects. Seidenstein and Campbell are in conversation with Claire Grayston, Policy Advisor – Audit and Assurance from CPA Australia.


  • 1.33 Chair Tom Seidenstein’s vision for the IAASB
  • 5.14 Monitoring group proposed reforms
  • 8.42 Role of standard-setting in addressing loss of trust
  • 13.01 Challenges for the IAASB
  • 15.03 ISA 600 Group audits project
  • 18.41 ISA 315: challenges in developing the revised standard on risk assessment
  • 24.43 Auditor reporting post-implementation review
  • 28.32 IFIAR survey findings: IAASB response
  • 31.42 Quality Management project
  • 35.44 Less Complex Entities project
  • 39.33 Digitisation of the auditing standards
  • 41.11 Extended External Reporting Assurance guidance project
  • 43.03 Final words from the IAASB Chair on the IAASB strategy

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