From accountant to entrepreneur

In this podcast Steve Hui CPA, Founder and Chief Executive of iFLYflat discusses his transition from a corporate accounting career to entrepreneurship. Steve (also known as 'the points whisperer') explains how he developed an industry first travel solution, helping companies to collect more reward points and save up to $250,000 on their business travel.


06:34 – where the idea for iFLYflat came from
08:45 – upgrading your flight may not be the cheapest way to use your frequent flyer points
14:09 – one of the biggest challenges once you have a great product is finding great customers
15:55 – the key to communicating with your potential customers is simple, clear messaging
20:20 – how iFLYflat is saving companies up to $250,000 on travel
26:34 – how Steve transitioned from a structured corporate environment to making your own entrepreneurial decisions
30:36 – learning how to be patient when starting a new business
32:10 – what keeps Steve up at night as a new entrepreneur
35:56 – how Steve made accountant and entrepreneur fit together
42:12 – LInfluencers – Steve’s new venture with five other co-founders

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