UnderstandingSuper: improving financial literacy in superannuation

The UnderstandingSuper team has been developing different ways to improve financial literacy in the field of superannuation. They’ve created a series of simple to understand videos and interactive activities, housed within a free app and website, that aims to help people better understand super. Meet the team behind the app, hear about their passion to make super more accessible and why CPA Australia is proud to support them. To get in contact with Elizabeth and Scott directly, send a message to [email protected]


00:56 – what is UnderstandingSuper?
02:26 – the inspiration and what led to the creation of the app
04:47 – the target audience
06:48 – what differentiates UnderstandingSuper from the rest of the information online about superannuation
08:58 – the relevance and benefits of this app for CPA Australia members
10:52 – next steps in helping people with their financial literacy skills
12:39 – challenges when developing an app to teach people financial literacy

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