Intrapreneurship: A systematic approach for innovating

How do you drive change and innovation from within an organisation? In this podcast episode, Janett Egbar, Co-founder of the Centre for Intrapreneurship, takes you through a practical approach to innovating from within. She covers how innovation is really about identifying problems that need to be solved, covers the skills intrapreneurs need to start making a difference right away and how rather than being ‘blockers’, finance professionals should be brought into the conversation early to help innovation succeed. Janett is joined by Gavan Ord, Manager – Business and Investment Policy from CPA Australia.


  • 1.18 What is intrapreneurship?
  • 2.45 What role do finance professionals play in the innovation conversation and what are the opportunities?
  • 5.11 What are the skills intrapreneurs need, regardless of role, position or seniority?
  • 8.32 Is there strong interest among corporates and medium sized business for intrapreneurship?
  • 9.40 What is creativity and do we need it to be innovative?
  • 11.49 How do you shift the mindset towards intrapreneurship?
  • 18.32 How do you develop a culture that fosters innovation?
  • 22.15 What are the attitudes to risk within companies in relation to finance professionals?
  • 24.19 Innovation and inclusiveness: is innovation everyone’s job?
  • 27.52 How do you embed intrapreneurship into the business strategy?
  • 29.42 Do the constraints around innovation help or hinder the process?
  • 31.50 How can listeners get involved in innovation at work right now?
  • 35.26 Key takeaways for finance professionals to embrace intrapreneurship

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