How to set and implement your investment policy

What is an investment policy and how do you form one? In this episode, you’ll hear from Victoria Lindores, Senior Advisor in the Investment Advisory Practice at Pitcher Partners, as she answers these questions and more. Victoria will cover the risk and return balance, what to consider when running an investment advice tender, and what a new director or manager at a not-for-profit should look for in an investment policy. Victoria is in conversation with Jason Bertalli, Director of Franchise and Business Services at BNR Partners. This podcast episode is the fifth in a five-part series with Pitcher Partners on key issues in the not-for-profit sector.


01:29 – what is an investment policy?
04:04 – the two functions of an investment policy: administrative and strategic
06:30 – how do you begin to form an investment policy?
08:22 – how do you get the appropriate risk and return balance right?
10:23 – why is a strategy for decision making so important?
12:06 – what to consider to run an investment advice tender
14:26 – what is the payoff for implementing a comprehensive investment policy?
15:16 – more information on responsible investing
19:28 – as a new director or manager at a not-for-profit, what should you look for?

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