The big issues facing public practitioners during COVID-19

Gavin Swan FCPA, Principle of Absolute Accounting Services, says one of the biggest issues facing public practitioners during the COVID-19 pandemic is the sheer volume and pace of change. Andrew Pearce, Business Advisor and Executive Director at Collins SBA, says the goalposts keep changing and he and his team need to keep going back and restudying new developments.

In this podcast episode, Swan and Pearce discuss the challenges of working with clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the strategies they’ve adopted. You’ll learn how to charge clients for services, how to segment your client base based on the assistance they need, how to assist clients with JobKeeper and how to align your staff to make sure there is consistency in their approach and advice to clients. Both Swan and Pearce emphasise the value of reaching out to clients, and that communication is the number one weapon in the COVID-19 environment.

They are in conversation with Rupen Malouf, Acting General Manager of CPA Australia’s New South Wales Division.

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