Kris Fothergill FCPA works from his family boat

In May 2019, Kris Fothergill FCPA and his family set sail on their family boat to explore the South Pacific. Fothergill wasn’t completely absent from his accounting firm – he was available if and when they needed him.

But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the firm became even busier supporting their clients, Fothergill dialed back in from afar.

In this podcast episode, Fothergill and his colleague Stephen Robie CPA tell a fascinating tale of how they prepared the firm for a director to work remotely, and how they empower their team to work together. You’ll also hear how the firm makes a point of difference for clients by donning a suit and tie in the casual business landscape of the Gold Coast, Australia, even on their Zoom calls. Listen now.

Guest: Kris Fothergill FCPA, Director, and Stephen Robie CPA, Accountant, Diagno Accountants and Financial Strategists

Host: Jackie Blondell, Editor, CPA Australia

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