The impact of the #MeToo movement in the workplace

The #MeToo movement was started with in response to these issues. Originally founded by Tarana Burke, a New York civil rights activist in 2006. The phrase was used to raise awareness of the high incidence of sexual abuse and assault in society both in the past and continuing today.

Our guest speakers Dr. Karen Morley, Prue Gilbert and Apsara Sabaratnem will discuss:

  • What are workplaces doing to take greater responsibility to ensure that sexual misconduct in the workplace is prevented? Or, where it does occur, how is it dealt with.
  • What support is there for the victims who report sexual misconduct or discrimination?  

Hosted by Anna Tantau, Deputy Chair, Victorian Women’s CPA Committee

Content warning:

The content of this podcast contains references to bullying, sexual harassment and assault, and violence against women. If anyone is suffering from the result or incidence of anything we are discussing, we encourage you to seek professional help.

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