My Client and Me: Building client relationships podcast series

Welcome to My Client and Me. This podcast series examines the working relationship between CPA Australia public practitioners and their clients. We aim to uncover how the relationship started, how it evolved and what each party learned, plus tips on building successful relationships with your clients.

Host: Jackie Blondell, Editor, CPA Australia.

My Client & Me Part 1: How mutual respect and trust builds productive working relationships

This podcast episode introduces Andrew Seinor FCPA, co-creator of The H Factor, and Sainyog Prajapati CPA, founder of Next Climb and F360. They discuss how they work together on strategic planning, the benefits of digital innovation, and how mutual respect and trust are key to a productive working relationship. Listen now.

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My Client & Me Part 2: Growing Holly Rankin's music career

In this podcast episode, you’ll meet singer-songwriter Holly Rankin, who, apart from her musical talents, has a range of businesses she runs with the help of her accountant Paul Luczak. Discover how they work together in the complex music industry and how Luczak’s advice helps Rankin’s businesses and career grow. Listen now.

Guests: Holly Rankin, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur, and Paul Luczak, Director, The Gild Group
Host: Jackie Blondell, Editor, CPA Australia

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 • Holly Rankin on Spotify
 • The Gild Group website
 • Transcript (PDF)

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