Insights from the NZ FMA’s Audit Quality Monitoring Report 2021

Following the release of NZ’s Financial Market Authority's (FMA) Audit Quality Monitoring Report, Jacco Moison at the FMA reflects on the key findings from the report.

In this episode, Moison talks with Claire Grayston FCPA about how well audit firms managed under the restrictions of COVID-19, the uptake of technology, how firms have responded to the key findings and examples of best practice. You’ll also get an insight into areas of focus for the 2022 quality monitoring reviews. 

Guests: Jacco Moison, Financial Market’s Authority
Host: Claire Grayston FCPA, CPA Australia’s Senior Manager for Audit and Assurance Policy

Further Resources:
Report: FMA Audit Quality Monitoring Report for 2020/21
Media release: Auditors respond well to challenges presented by COVID-19 Audit quality - a director’s guide
Transcript (PDF) - Coming Soon

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