Approaching problems as new opportunities

Strong problem-solving skills can make a huge difference to your career and the organisation you work for. In this podcast episode, you’ll discover different ways and models to approach a problem in your organisation, innovative ways to solve problems, such as avoiding group-think, and how to communicate your solution to get buy-in from senior management. This podcast episode features Phil Bickerdike, Regional Director Australia and New Zealand at LUMA Institute, and Bill Jarrard, Co-Founder and Innovation Facilitator at Mindwerx International. Bill and Phil are in conversation with Jayanthi Iswaran, Deputy Chair of the Women CPA Committee.


03:21 – how do we determine if what we're working on is the real problem, not just a symptom?
08:00 – what techniques do you use to look at an issue from a variety of perspectives?
12:07 – how to make the process smooth when collecting information about a problem from multiple stakeholders
15:43 – how to balance differing views when trying to find a solution, and managing conflict
20:25 – how to balance proper analysis of problems with too much time in meetings
23:11 – examples of using a creative approach to solve problems
30:33 – are there examples of problems with unsuccessful solutions?
35:39 – evaluating the results from problem solving
40:41 – how to prevent group-think
44:17 – key takeaways for listeners

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